Most people prefer not to contemplate the day that they really need a Will so they avoid the decision to have one prepared. However, it is sensible to make a Will:


To ensure your wishes are clear and carried out.

To ensure that your possessions are distributed to your choice of beneficiary.

If you own your own home with a partner to whom you are not married, making a Will is very important. Without a Will your partner could be left homeless and with no claim on your estate.

A Will enables you to provide for your children, especially those under the age of 18. Your wishes are clear concerning the persons you want to act as guardians should both parents die before the children become adults .

Should there be children from two marriages you can ensure that they are dealt with fairly protecting your share of your home to ensure that your loved ones do in fact benefit from your lifetime investment. You can you stop your spouse's future partner from taking your children's inheritance after you have died. You can you stop local authorities forcing a sale of your property to pay for care home fees.

If there are people who have a strong claim on your estate, you can, if you choose, exclude them from your Will.

If the value of your estate exceeds the Inheritance Tax band, you require expert planning. As a small exercise, total the value of your home, any insurance policies, shares & savings accounts, you may be surprised. 

You can leave specific instructions about the type of funeral you would prefer.

A Will saves your loved ones time and money.


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