Document Storage

15.00 per year payable by standing order
or 20.00 per year or 80.00 five years

Confidential storage of personal documents up to A4 size.

Joint Tenancy Severance


Change your home ownership from joint tenants (100% each) to tenancy in common (50% each) to enable you to gift your share of the property to your chosen beneficiaries in your will. (See As Safe as Houses).

Lasting Power of Attorney

275 single or 500 per a couple

LPA Personal Affairs document or LPA Personal Welfare document completing all the necessary forms for registration.

Business Partnership Agreements

120.00 for the first 3 partners

30.00 each partner thereafter

Lays down exactly what should happen to the business and its shares if one of the partners wishes to ‘opt’ out, retire or dies.

Inheritance Tax Planning


If your estate is valued at more than 325k (see Inheritance Tax), one of our panel independent financial advisers can assess your personal situation and provide solutions to your needs.

Legal Document Drafting

Prices on application

We can draft virtually any legal forms, letters and agreements, i.e. loans, rental, lettings, payment demands and debt collection, you name it, we probably do it.


WillScript - making sure your Will is done!